Liger Facts: Meet The World's Biggest Cat

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Ligers - Photo Gallery

Liger at Pine Mountain Wildlife Park

Liger baby
A Liger baby

Female Liger
Female Liger, Everland amusement park, South Korea

the liger
A beautiful exemplar of liger

A liger
Liger - the biggest cat in the world

Ligers Feeding
Ligers Feeding, Siberian Tiger Park China

Liger in China
Liger, Jungle Island Habitat-Miami, FL

Group of Ligers

Liger at Zoo, Germany
Liger in a small zoo in Grömitz, Germany

A liger couple
A liger couple, Everland amusement park, South Korea

a liger
A liger in a Zoo

Ligers at Siberian Tiger Park in China

sleeping liger
A sleeping liger

Patrick the Liger
Patrick the Liger at Shambala zoo, California

female liger
A female Liger at Siberian Tiger Park, China

The liger is the biggest cat in the world